TVL-Toeleveringsbedrijf Van Landuyt Kalkensteenweg 21b, 9230 Wetteren (Belgium) +32(0)9/369.46.22
About TVL

About TVL

TVL specialises in the machining of casting and forgings in series for wind energy turbines, trucks, busses, earth moving equipment, compressors and railway parts…. Our annual machining capacity depends on component size and varies from 25 units for large parts, up to 5.000 units for smaller parts.

Our factory is equipped with the latest CNC controlled machining technology, linked to a FMS system, 3D measuring facility, machining centres with sliding spindles and CNC lathes featuring power driven tools and a deep rolling facility.

Our operations allow us to provide customers with a complete material handling service. This includes raw material purchasing, painting, heat treatment, machining, assembly, washing and packing, storage in our automated warehouse facility and delivery in accordance with client instructions (JIT, Sequence, Kanban, …).

For specialist enquiries which include unique machine components, complete machine assembly operations to unique customer specifications and welding construction with a maximum net weight of 65 tons, please contact REVIMAXX NV.

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