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Circular entrepreneurship

Circular entrepreneurship

Circular entrepreneurship goes beyond recycling. The core business of the circular economy is letting nothing go to waste: raw material stays endlessly circulating within the system, just as it does in nature, thus making a gain for everyone: the planet, the business and the people.

TVL positively contributes to circular entrepreneurship on different levels.

Separate waste collection

The TVL waste streams are collected separately as much as possible by an external partner specialised in waste management. Waste such as paper and cardboard, residual waste, PMD and PE-foils are collected on a regular basis. Other waste streams are collected on call: filter cloths moistened with oil, oil-drenched cleaning rags, lamps, batteries, printing waste and several types of small hazardous waste (spray cans, paint and silicones, non-halogenated solvents).

Metal scraps as raw material for new steel

Metal scraps as well as metal shavings, released during the turning and milling of metal forgings and castings, are collected by a regulated recycling company. This company recycles the metal scraps and shavings to new raw material, destined for the steel industry.

Rain water collection system

Our machining centers, machining centers with sliding spindle and lathes use cooling water to lubricate and cool off the metal workpieces they are handling. The cooling water is constantly filtered to ensure the water can stay in the machines for a very long time.

TVL uses a rain water collection system to capture and collect rain water in a reservoir. This rain water is used to create cooling water for the machines.

CNC machining centers with energy recuperation

When our CNC machining centers are slowing down, the recuperated energy is captured in a local electricity grid of the workshop. This kind of electricity recuperation represents some 10% of the total of used electricity.

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