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Customers – working together for a sustainable future

Customers – working together for a sustainable future

TVL always tries to think outside the box. This way, we are able to offer our customers not only our basic activities, but also a whole range of additional services and possibilities regarding material flow. We believe in maintaining close relationships with the customer. Therefore, we are in permanent dialogue and think along with them to come up with a solution that meets their specific needs.

Our excellent service enables our customers to remain competitive and up to the challenge in a globalised world. We grow together with our customers, by using a good mix of machinery, services, knowhow and the effort of our employees.

The renewable future of our customers

We support our customers in their effort to work on a renewable future. The importance of renewable energy increases every year, which is also reflected in the growing interest of our customers for this topic.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the various fields our customers are active in, such as
– gear boxes (wind energy)
– locomotive engines (railway)
– earth-moving equipment
– etc.

Electrification of transport vehicles

We support our customers from the transport sector in their goal to gradually increase their supply of environmentally friendly transport vehicles on the market. Renewable energy for transport vehicles such as buses, trains, earth-moving equipment, lifting transport vehicles, etc.  is getting more and more integrated in the transport sector.

Zero carbon economy

We support a zero carbon economy and are prepared to do our part to achieve this challenging goal. Over the past years, we gradually invested in the electrification of our moving equipment, thus progressively decreasing our carbon footprint.

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