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Employees – creating a business culture of wellbeing

Employees – creating a business culture of wellbeing

Motivating employees by improving their quality of life

We have set up a number of actions to motivate our employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle, such as:
– our employees receive a commuting allowance – higher than stipulated by the government – for every kilometer they bike to and from work.
–  our employees have free access to a water fountain in order to reduce the consumption of soft drinks
– etc.

Our premises are located in a quiet and green environment, surrounded by pastures. On the premises is a beautiful and well-kept garden our employees can have outside lunch break.

Multicultural team

TVL counts some 30 full-time employees. There is a good mixture of employees younger and older than 45 years. The majority are Belgian natives. Nevertheless, we have employees coming from other countries within the EU and from other continents such as the Middle East and Africa.

We pursue labour relationships based on trust and transparency. We encourage our employees to act according to our code of conduct, and we have worked out a harassment protocol to prevent harassment in the workplace.

Learning and training

Our employees obtain job experience in a multicultural environment. We aim to motivate and empower them with life-long learning and training. Most of the trainings are on-the-job, but outdoor trainings to improve their professional skills or to satisfy special interests of the attendees, are also available.

We offer internships and lessons in 3D measuring on a regular basis to students of technical schools. We also organise school visits for students who still have to choose their field of study, thus hoping that technical professions appeal to more students.

Safety regulations

TVL believes that creating a healthy and safe workplace environment for their employees is essential for their wellbeing. As our employees work with hazardous machines, safety regulations are an essential part of our  business. We do not tolerate any negligence towards our health and safety regulations. These regulations are set up, following the Belgian labour safety regulations and laws.

We restrict our number of chemical products and select chemicals with the lowest possible health and environmental risk. Employees who work with chemicals have received updated instructions regarding risk handling. We also offer our employees on a voluntary basis training on first aid and fire safety.

Human rights

We strongly believe in respect for the universal human rights standards and compliance with the Belgian labour legislation. Our employees act with integrity and with respect for human rights and environmental awareness.

Our code of conduct sets out rules to ensure that working conditions in the company are safe and pleasant. As TVL is an SME, the management has a close relationship with the employees. This way, we can prevent or contain a problem before it can escalate.

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