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Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

Climate mitigation

TVL commits to obtain the targets of the Paris Agreement (COP21) – limiting global warming to 1.5°C – by reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses. This way, we are contributing to limiting the impact of climate changes as much as possible.

For this purpose, we are taking the following initiatives:

Green energy

TVL, as one of the first companies in Belgium, uses 100% renewable energy since 2008. Our energy partner Elexys guarantees that all electricity supplied to TVL was produced entirely with renewable energy sources.

Download the certificate of green energy between Elexys and TVL here

Solar boiler

TVL has installed a solar water heater on the roof of its premises. This sun-driven boiler provides warm water for the sanitary room, where our machine operators can wash their hands.

Eco-friendly propulsion systems of lifting transport vehicles

Our older forklift trucks are mostly equipped with an combustion engine. However, every time one of these older forklift trucks is taken out of circulation, it is systematically replaced by an eco-friendly electrical version. This way, we are progressively increasing our fleet of eco-friendly lifting transport vehicles.

Water collection system

Our machining centers, machining centers with sliding spindle and lathes use cooling water to lubricate and cool off the metal workpieces they are handling. The cooling water is constantly filtered to ensure the water can stay in the machines for a very long time.

TVL uses a water collection system to capture and collect rain water in a reservoir. This rain water is used to create cooling water for the machines.

Recycling waste systems

Sorting waste is a shared responsibility. TVL is all for sorting, recycling and reusing waste products. Every employee is required to sort waste. To enable them to do so, they have different types of waste recipients available, placed all over the work floor. These recipients are gathered on a regular basis and then picked up and processed by an external partner specialised in waste management.

CNC machining centers with energy recuperation

When our CNC machining centers are slowing down, the recuperated energy is captured in a local electricity grid of the workshop. This kind of electricity recuperation represents some 10% of the total of used electricity.

Recycled office equipment

TVL purchases as much as possible recycled office equipment: ecological office paper and envelopes, coffee cups that are 100% compostable and biodegradable, green cleaning products, etc. We prioritise office equipment suppliers that can deliver this kind of products.

Green environment

Our premises are located in a quiet and green environment, surrounded by pastures. On the premises is a beautiful and well-kept garden where our employees can have their lunch break.

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