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Sales Conditions

Sales Conditions


1.1. These sales conditions govern the relation between NV Toeleveringsbedrijf Van Landuyt, abridged TVL, in Wetteren and its client, unless specifically agreed upon otherwise in prevailing order forms.

1.2. All measures are considered to be expressed in the metric system, in particular in mm, unless expressly stated otherwise.

1.3. Any agreement entered into by TVL is considered to be concluded at the registered office of TVL. All disputes arising of these agreements, or the implementation thereof, shall exclusively be submitted to the Courts in the jurisdiction of the registered office of TVL. The applicable law shall be Belgian law.


The prices in our offers are valid, unless otherwise provided, for a period of 14 days. These prices are ex works, goods without packaging.


The terms of delivery mentioned in our offers are only guidelines and are not binding upon TVL. The non-compliance with these terms does not entitle to any payment whatsoever for liability or penalty by TVL.


4.1. All orders executed in our workplaces are deemed to be inspected and approved by the client in our workplaces. When specific terms and conditions deviate from this rule, the litigious products must be returned to our workplace for further inspection under the care of and at the charge and risk of the client.

4.2. When the order relates to the finishing of materials provided by the client, the material must be homogeneous, of normal hardness, free of impurities, hard stains or other defects. In case the product is finished erroneously by TVL, TVL will only be bound to repair the mistake at no charge or, if not possible, to finish off a new product. The material provided by the client must be replaced by the client at no charge.

4.3. in order to be valid, all complaints relating to the deliveries and the work performed by TVL, including invoices thereof, should reach TVL within 8 days after the delivery or after the receipt of the invoice, whichever is applicable.


The goods delivered by TVL are always sent at the peril, risk and costs of the client, even when the goods had to be delivered free domicile (“franco”).


All invoices of TVL should be paid, unless expressly otherwise provided in a clause in specific terms and conditions agreed upon by the parties, within 30 days after delivery. All outstanding amounts on the expiry date shall be increased by right with 15 %, without a prior notification being necessary. On these amounts, increment included, an interest of 1,5 % per month is due, also by right and from the expiry date and without a prior notification being necessary.


The property in the sold goods is transferred only at the moment that the client pays the final balance of the amount due for the products involved inclusive of all costs, interest and increment.

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